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(Micromycetes) (microfungi)

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Subtaxa (ie subgroups of this Informal)

Taxon Rank #subtaxa #refs #webs
LABYRINTHULOMYCOTA Whittaker (slime nets) Phylum 2 subtaxa 6 4
OOMYCOTA Arx (a group of mainly plant-parasitic fungi) Phylum 178 subtaxa 188 840
Aegeritella superficialis Bal. & Wisn. ((An Anamorphic Fungus)) Anamorphic Species   2 2
Aegeritella tuberculata Bal. & Wisn. ((An Anamorphic Fungus)) Anamorphic Species   1  
Anamorphic fungi (mitosporic fungi) Species aggregate   9  
ASCOMYCOTA Caval.-Sm. (spore shooters) Phylum 5620 subtaxa 2293 19512
Mycaureola dilseae Maire & Chemin (a marine basidiomycete) Species   1 1
BARTHELETIACEAE (a family of basidiomycetes) Family 1 subtaxon    
Bartheletia paradoxa G. Arnaud ex Scheuer, R. Bauer, M. Lutz, Stabenth., Melnik & Grube (a basidiomycete) Species   1 2
Cenangiomyces luteus Dyko & B. Sutton (an anamorphic basidiomycete) Anamorphic Species     1
Marchandiomyces corallinus (Roberge) Diederich & D. Hawksw. (a lichenicolous anamorphic basidiomycete) Anamorphic Species   4 25
Sporotrichum Link (a genus of fungi) Genus 1 subtaxon 1 3
Celatogloea simplicibasidium (Lindsey & Gilb.) P. Roberts (an intrahymenial parasitic fungus) Species   1 1
PUCCINIOMYCETES R. Bauer, Begerow, J.P. Samp., M. Weiss & Oberw. (pucciniomycete fungi) Class 323 subtaxa 162 3422
USTILAGINOMYCETES R. Bauer, Oberw. & Vánky (smut fungi and relatives) Class 93 subtaxa 89 346
CHYTRIDIOMYCOTA Arx (chytridomycete fungi, chytrids) Phylum 160 subtaxa 77 354
GLOMEROMYCOTA C. Walker & A. Schüssler (AM fungi) Phylum 2 subtaxa 6 5
ZYGOMYCOTA Moreau (pin moulds) Phylum 80 subtaxa 74 160
ACRASIOMYCOTA Whittaker (acrasid cellular slime moulds) Phylum   4  
DICTYOSTELIOMYCOTA W.B. Kendr. (cellular slime moulds) Phylum   2  
PLASMODIOPHOROMYCOTA Whittaker (a phylum of protozoan slime moulds) Phylum   3  
AMOEBIDIALES Léger & Dubosq{?} (an order of protozoans) Order 1 subtaxon    
AMOEBIDIACEAE J.L. Licht. (a family of protozoans) Family 1 subtaxon    
Paramoebidium chattonii L. Léger & Duboscq (an amoebidous protozoan) Species     1

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