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Subtaxa (ie subgroups of this Informal)

Taxon Rank #subtaxa #refs #webs
HALORAGACEAE (water-milfoils) Family 3 subtaxa    
Myriophyllum L. (water milfoils) Genus 3 subtaxa 2 10
ALISMATACEAE (water-plantains) Family 9 subtaxa 8 46
HYDROCHARITACEAE (waterweeds) Family 7 subtaxa 11 14
POTAMOGETONACEAE (pondweeds) Family 9 subtaxa 11 32
Iris pseudacorus L. (Yellow Iris, Yellow Flag) Species   1 50
TYPHACEAE (bulrushes) Family 6 subtaxa 4 163
NYMPHAEACEAE (water lilies) Family 5 subtaxa 8 26

Suggested Literature

Identification Works

anon., 2012 Elodea / Lagarosiphion / Egeria densa / Hydrilla
anon., 2012 Lake-bottom ‘isoetids’ with terete leaves: Eriocaulon / Isoetes / Littorella / Lobelia / Subularia, vegetative.
Rich, T.C.G. & Preston, C.D., 2012 Aquatics with fine, linear leaves (Eleogiton, Juncus, Najas, Pilularia, Potamogeton, Ruppia and Zannichellia)

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Feeding and other inter-species relationships

Associated with (aquatic plants):

leaf (dead, decaying) dead, decaying leaf is decayed by Cladochytrium replicatum - a chytrid (Chytridiales: Cladochytriaceae) Webster, J., 1980

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Webster, J., 1980 Introduction to Fungi
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