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Candusso, M., 1994


Describes 43 spp, 5 varieties and 2 forms in Hygrophorus and 59 spp, 6 varieties and 1 form in Hygrocybe.

There are dichotomous keys to sections and subsections. Each subsection has a key to species followed by an introductory paragraph.

The species accounts (in Italian) are mostly accompanied by line drawings of the microscopy and/or excellent colour photographs.

The iconography consists of 80 plates of paintings (by Aurel Dermek & Ernesto Rebaudengo), each with several illustrations depicting various stages and often a cross-section.

The introductory chapters, the observations at the head of each section, and the keys are given in English translation, otherwise the work is entirely in Italian.

Publisher Libreria Basso
Volume Vol 6
Pages 784
Illustrations Line drawings and colour photographs in the text, colour plates of paintings at the back.

Malcolm Storey

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