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Brooks, S. (ed.) & Lewington, R. (illust.), 2004

Field Guide to the Dragonflies and Damselflies of Great Britain and Ireland

An excellent modern guide to these insects written by a team of authors, and edited by Steve Brooks.

Chapters cover life history, distribution, habitats and protected species. This is followed by a gazetteer of well known dragonfly sites. There is a key to species of larvae (nymphs) and to families of adults.

The remainder of the book is taken up with species accounts. These are accompanied by excellent paintings, usually showing both sexes in dorsal view and a single side view, but often much more. There are also numerous illustrations of the diagnostic features, particularly for damselflies. There is also a page (142) of half tone illustrations of faces and line drawings of genitalia of the 8 species of Darters (Sympetrum spp).

The dragonflies are illustrated at 1.4 times life size and the damsels at 1.8

Publisher British Wildlife Publishing
Pages 160
ISBN 0-953-13990-5
Edition 2004
Coverage All the resident and migrant species known at the time.
Illustrations Excellent colour paintings by Richard Lewington as well as diagrams, maps and some photographs.
Identify In the field (also useful to examine in the Hand).
Specimen Prep. Live specimens, but some have to be closely examined.
Difficulty Comparatively straightforward, if you can catch the thing!.

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