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Barnes, R.S.K., 1994

Brackish-water Fauna of Northwestern Europe

The work encourages identification of live animals with subsequent return to the original microhabitat. This assumes convenient lab facilities and will be difficult for the casual visitor, but well suited to those on relevant field courses.

Although brackish water is the target of this book, many of the species are also found on the sea-shore and it can be used with care there too.

Publisher Cambridge University Press (CUP)
Pages 287
ISBN 0-521-45556-1
Coverage Larger animals (retained by a mesh size of 0.5mm) from open water, sediment, and submerged vegetation of lagoons, brackish ponds and similar pools and also the shores of estuaries. The numerous species of immature insect (which are keyed to family or genus) and small oligochaetes are omitted for reasons of practicality. The mid-water fauna of estuaries is also omitted - the work concentrates on permanently brackish habitats.
Illustrations 117 Plates of line drawings in the text illustrating all the species keyed out.
Identify With x8 or x10 hand lens (also useful to examine under a Stereo Microscope).
Specimen Prep. Live specimens.

Malcolm Storey

Taxonomic Scope

ANIMALIA (animals) Identification Current
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