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Colyer, C.N. & Hammond, C.O., 1951

Flies of the British Isles

A highly readable account of the Diptera. The text considers the familes in turn, both in general and through selected representative species. Unusual morphological features of the adult and imature stages are briefly mentioned but more attention is given to the ecology and life history. Most species mentioned are illustrated. This remains the best popular account of the group.

The colour (and monochrome) plates are a major feature. These were taken from Hammond's own beautiful paintings (unfortunately all now lost - unless they're in somebody's attic...yours?)

There is a key to families, (in several parts, hidden at the appropriate points in the text). This is now rather dated as many families have been split since then, but at least the acalypterate section remains useful as it apparently handles the many exceptions better than Unwin's AIDGAP key.

Publisher Frederick Warne & Co. Ltd.
Pages 383
Comments and Corrigenda The pages in the original 1951 edition measure 17 by 12 cm. The later edition had larger pages and the illustrations were photographically enlarged with the result that the scale lines need to be scaled down proportionately.
Illustrations Over 100 colour and half-tone plates.

Malcolm Storey

Taxonomic Scope

DIPTERA (two-winged flies) Identification Current
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