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Vellinga, E.C., 2001

Lepiota (Pers.: Pers.) S.F.Gray

Key to, and descriptions of, 46 spp. of Lepiota. There are two alternative keys to the groups: the first using microscopic features and a second using only macroscopic characters.

Parent Publication Noordeloos, M.E., Kuyper, Th.W., Vellinga, E.C., 2001
Page range 109-151
Pages 43
Coverage Covers species found, or likely to be found, in the Netherlands. Most British spp are included.
Illustrations Line drawings accompany the text.
Identify Under a Compound Microscope.
Specimen Prep. Microscopy of piliepellis, spores and cheilocystidia.

Malcolm Storey

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