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Fitter, R., Fitter, A. & Farrer, A., 1984

Grasses, Sedges, Rushes & Ferns of Britain and Northern Europe

A handy guide to "green things" written by two of our leading botanists and illustrated by a third.

Identification is by means of "single access" keys, ie a code is first worked out based on various character staes and this is then looked up in the list. The problem with this approach is that if you can't decide about an early character, it's quite diffcult to continue. Anyway, keys are given to: grasses in flower, grasses in vegetative state, sedges, rushes and wood-rushes, pinnate ferns.

The species accounts follow the keys. These consist of descriptions on the left, with large line drawings of important floral parts in the margin, facing rather beautiful colour paintings of the plants.

Two appendices present an overview of Festuca ovina agg. and recent name changes to Carex flava agg. (which have since been accepted). A glossary, distribution maps, further reading and indexes completes the work.

Publisher HarperCollins
Pages 256
ISBN 0-00 219136-9
Coverage All the native species, plus a number of widely established aliens, occurring in the study region are described in the text and most are illustrated and keyed out. An asterisk ("*") indicates those species found in Britain.
Illustrations Colour paintings and line drawings thoughout.
Identify With x8 or x10 hand lens.

Malcolm Storey

Taxonomic Scope

CYPERACEAE (cotton-grasses, spike-rushes and sedges) Identification Current
JUNCACEAE (rushes and wood-rushes) Identification Current
POACEAE (grasses, couch) Identification Current
PTERIDOPHYTA (ferns and allies) Identification Current
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