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Legon, N.W. & Henrici, A. with Roberts, P.J., Spooner, B.M. & Watling, R., 2005

Checklist of the British and Irish Basidiomycota

A modern checklist of Basidiomycetes - not just Agarics and Boleti, but all the other basidiomycetes too - Puffballs, Brackets, Resupinates, Jelly Fungi, Rusts, Smuts and even basidiomycete Yeasts, totalling 3,670 species.

The project remit was to base the list on specimens in the Kew and Edinburgh herbaria. Due to time constraints, this meant using the labels on packets - there was insufficient time to examine the contents in all but a few cases.

Supersedes the 1960 New Checklist (NCL) of Dennis, Orton and Hora, which just covered Agarics and Boleti.

During preparation of this checklist, fungal classification was in a state of flux due to DNA work. Consequently the classification was taken from the 8th edition of the Dictionary of the Fungi (Hawksworth et al, 1995) as this offered the most recent morphology-based classification.

As well as the taxonomic part, the short species accounts cover distribution, frequency, habitat and associated hosts.

The checklist is acompanied by a database which is to continue to be updated. The database is published on the web, and there may be future paper editions.

Publisher Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew (RBG (K))
Pages 517
ISBN 1 84246 121 4
Comments and Corrigenda In the rust descriptions, the quoted stages (0,I,II,III) are often contrary to WIlson & Henderson. Eg Puccinia smyrni doesn't have uredia, although it is quoted as "0, I, II & III".
Coverage All the British and Irish species known at the time.

Malcolm Storey

Taxonomic Scope

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website (for updates, etc) (Web) Checklist of the British & Irish Basidiomycotina:
Supercedes Dennis, R.W.G., Orton, P.D. & Hora, F.B., 1960
corrects, updates and explains the smut fungi Spooner, B.M. & Legon, N.W., 2006
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