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Pearman, D.A., Preston, C.D. & Dines, T.D., 2002

The New Atlas of the British and Irish Flora

Announces the publication of The New Atlas, relates the history and presents the results of some analyses.

Journal British Wildlife
Volume Vol 14, No 1
Page range 31-37
Illustrations Colour photographs.

Malcolm Storey

Taxonomic Scope

Hammarbya paludosa (L.) Kuntze (Bog Orchid) Identification Current Colour photograph.
Carex dioica L. (Dioecious Sedge) Identification Current Colour photograph.
TRACHEOPHYTA (vascular plants) Background Reading Current
PTERIDOPHYTA (ferns and allies) Background Reading Current


The Atlas Preston, C.D., Pearman, D.A. & Dines, T.D. (eds), 2002
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