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Watling, R., Hills, A.E, & Turnbull, E., 2005

Boletes and their allies

Starts with an update to the classification, showing the name changes, new taxa and current classification. This is followed by the key to genera and then the families and genera with generic keys to species, each followed by the detailed species accounts. Line drawings are at the back.

An Ecological List of Species groups the species by life-style and host.

Includes a copy of the BFF colour chart.

Publisher Royal Botanic Gardens, Edinburgh (RBG(E))
Volume Vol 1
Pages 173
ISBN 1 872291 89
Edition Revised and enlarged edition
Comments and Corrigenda Boletus key, p14, couplet 5: beware B. legaliae (couplet 7) only turns sky blue not intensely blue so would key to B. satanas.
Coverage All the British species of "tubulate" boletes (ie excluding hypogeous, resupinate or agaricoid forms) recognised at the time.
Illustrations Line drawings at the back.
Identify With x8 or x10 hand lens (also useful to examine under a Compound Microscope).
Specimen Prep. Cut fresh material for flesh colour changes; microscopy of cap cuticle, flesh, spores etc required in some groups.
Difficulty Mostly straightforward, although careful microscopy needed in sg Xerocomus.
News New updated edition published 2005.

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