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Dijkstra, K-D & Lewington R., 2006

Field Guide to Dragonflies of Britain and Europe

Publisher British Wildlife Publishing
Pages 320
ISBN 10: 0953139948
Comments and Corrigenda The book proposes rationalised English names for the European dragonfly fauna. Unfortunately, if accepted, this means changes to some well-established names. For reference here is a list of the changes. (Thanks to Andy Brazil on Dragonflies-UK for compiling this list)

Common Emerald Dragonfly Common Spreadwing
Scarce Emerald Robust Spreadwing
Blue-tailed Damselfly Common Bluetail
Scarce Blue-tailed Damselfly Small Bluetail
Common Blue Damselfly Common Bluet
Azure Damselfly Azure Bluet
Irish Damselfly Crescent Bluet
Northern Damselfly Spearhead Bluet
Southern Damselfly Mercury Bluet
Red-eyed Damselfly Large Redeye
Small Red-eyed Damselfly Small Redeye
White-legged Damselfly Blue Featherleg
Norfolk Hawker Green-eyed hawker
Southern Hawker Blue Hawker
Common Hawker Moorland Hawker
Emperor Blue Emperor
Club-tailed Dragonfly Common Clubtail
Golden-ringed Dragonfly Common Goldenring
Scarce Chaser Blue Chaser
White-faced Darter Small Whiteface

Coverage All British and European species.
Illustrations Colour paintings and photographs.

Malcolm Storey

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