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A major collection of historical and classical books on biology and natural history. Most of the works are in German but it includes several with fine illustrations. If you're looking for a specific work, follow the "Authors" link; otherwise "Categories" is a useful starting point.

You can browse on-line or, in some cases, download the entire work as Acrobat (PDF) files.

The site is in German and English. The following translations may help:

hohe Auflösung high resolution
neidrige Auflösung low resolution
Tafeln Plates

The more useful items include:

Reitter, Edmund 1908-11 (Beetles) Fauna Germanica; Die Käfer des Deutsches Reiches. Vols 1-5
Ricken, Adalbert 1915 (Toadstools) Die Blatterpilze
West, W. & G.S. & Carter, N. 1904-23 (Algae) A monograph of British Desmidiaceae. Vols I-V.

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COLEOPTERA Linnaeus, 1758 (beetles) Identification Superseded
AGARICOMYCETIDAE Parmasto (a subclass of basidiomycetes) Identification Superseded
(Desmids) (desmids) Identification Current


can be browsed here Ricken, A, 1915
can be browsed here West, G.S., 1904
can be browsed or downloaded here Reitter, E, 1908
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