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Greenhalgh, M. & Ovenden, D., 2007

Freshwater Life of Britain and Northern Europe

An illustrated guide to the life of fresh and brackish water from very brief coverage of microscopic cyanobacteria, algae and protozoans, through invertebrates which are reasonably well covered, to higher plants and vertebrates which are covered in detail.

Adults insects and their immature stages are widely separated, which only makes sense when you realise they are gathered into "Aquatic forms" (including water beetles) and "Flying forms".

Inevitably greater coverage is provided for the more popular groups: higher plants, dragonflies and vertebrates. I think this is misguided because most purchasers will already own (better) guides to these groups before purchasing a book on pondlife and it would have been nice to have even more space devoted to the other invertebrate groups which are so abundant and speciose in freshwater.

Publisher Collins
Pages 256
ISBN 978-0-00-717777-6
Coverage A selecton of fresh and brackish-water species from Britain and Northern Europe.
Illustrations Colour paintings throughout.

Malcolm Storey

Taxonomic Scope

BIOTA (living things) Identification Current Fresh and brackish water species.
BIOTA (living things) Identification Current
AMPHIBIA Linnaeus, 1758 (amphibians) Identification Current
(Pisces) (fishes) Identification Current
(Pisces) (fishes) Identification Current
COLEOPTERA Linnaeus, 1758 (beetles) Identification Current Fresh and brackish water species.
EPHEMEROPTERA (mayflies, upwinged flies) Identification Current
ODONATA (dragonflies and damselflies) Identification Current
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