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Graham, A., 1971

British Prosobranch and other operculate gastropod molluscs

Three separate keys to families: marine, freshwater and terrestrial, followed by family species accounts illustrated with line drawings. Family and genus keys are inserted as appropriate.

Superseded by the greatly enlarged second edition.

Publisher The Linnean Society of London
Volume 2
Pages 112
ISBN 0.12.294850.5
Edition ed 1
Comments and Corrigenda The figures aren't numbered quite sequentially. No doubt there was a good reason, but it can be slightly confusing.
Coverage About 140 commonest of the 230+ British species known at the time. The others are rare.
Illustrations Line drawings, mostly of shells.
Identify In the Hand (also useful to examine with x8 or x10 hand lens).
Difficulty The keys are for identifying whole animals. Features of the soft parts are often used so there may be problems identifying dead shells.

Malcolm Storey

Taxonomic Scope

PROSOBRANCHIA Milne-Edwards, 1848 (operculate molluscs) Identification Checklist Superseded
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