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Termorshuizen, A.J. & Swertz, C.A., 2011

Roesten van Nederland (Dutch Rust Fungi)

A rust book with photographs - that's new! Studying rusts you get so used to using books published 50 years ago, that you forget modern books look different.

This is a modern review of rust fungi, covering both the 163 species so far found in the Netherlands, and a further 182 species from adjacent countries which affect plants that grow in the Netherlands. Distribution includes adjacent countries that have been well-studied: UK and Austria.

The keys are conventionally arranged by host genus. They use modern species concepts and are not afraid of including "s.l." taxa for entities which cannot be identified to species.

In the keys, the authors use bold, underline and colour to show whether a taxon has been found in the Netherlands. Unless you use the book regularly you'll not remember this, but it's of less interest to those in our area. In any case it's always there in the text.

The species accounts describe all the life-stages, their spores and recorded hosts in different countries. There is a country-map of the known European distribution.

The text is Dutch, followed by the English translation in a slightly smaller font.

Publisher Gustav Fischer Verlag
Pages 423
ISBN 978-90-6464-483-2
Web site
Comments and Corrigenda Corrections and updates will be published on the website.
Coverage All the Dutch species known at the time, plus all other European species affecting plants growing in the Netherlands.
Illustrations Colour photographs and line drawings.
Identify With x8 or x10 hand lens (also useful to examine under a Compound Microscope).

Malcolm Storey

Taxonomic Scope

PUCCINIALES Clem. & Shear (rust fungi) Identification Distribution map Current
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