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Lousley, J.E., 1953

The Changing Flora of Britain

The following papers from the 1952 BSBI Conference:

The Significance of a Changing Flora.

Natural Factors contributing to a Change in our Flora.

Human Factors contributing to a Change in our Flora.

Possible Human Historical Factors determining the Distribution of Eriophorum latifolium in the North-west Conway Valley

Some Recent Modifications in the Flora and the Vegetation of the Valois.

Recent Additions to the British Flora

A Zoologist's Approach to a Changing Flora.

British Vegetation in the Full-glacial and the Late-glacial Periods.

Some Late-glacial Plants.

Present-day and Late-glacial Distribution of some AlpineVascular Plants in Scandinavia and their interpretation.

Glacial Relics in the Netherlands.

Some Parallels between the British and Scandinavian Mountain Floras

The North American and Lusitanian Elements in the Flora of the British Isles.

The Continental Element in our Flora.

A Changing Flora as shown in the Study Of Weeds of Arable Land and Waste Places.

The Recent Influx of Aliens into the British Flora.

Wool Aliens in Bedfordshire.

Epilobium pedunculare in Britain.

Epilobium adenocaulon in Britain.

A Changing Flora as shown in the Status of our Trees and Shrubs

Human Influence on Hybridisation in Crataegus.

Is the Box-tree a Native of England?

The Conservation of British Vegetation and Species

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