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Plant, C.W., 1997

A Key to the Adults of British Lacewings and their allies

AIDGAP dichotomous key to lacewings, alderflies, snakeflies and scorpionflies profusely illustrated with line drawings.

Appendix 1 gives approximate distributions of each species with brief ecological notes.

Appendix 2 covers collecting and preserving.

Appendix 3 describes the preparation of genitalia for examination - this is not usually necessary (except the minute Coniopterygidae and female Scorpionflies).

Appendix 4 gives comments on nomenclature.

Publisher Field Studies Council (FSC)
Pages 90
ISBN 1 85153 201 3
Comments and Corrigenda Peyerimhoffina gracilis was added to the British list in 2001

Key H on page 222:

RE-NUMBER EXISTING COUPLET 3 AS 3A and then insert an extra couplet BETWEEN EXISTING COUPLETS 2 AND 3 to read:

3 ... Inner gradate series of forewings with at least twice as many cross veins as in the outer gradate series (usually 5 inner, 2 outer). Tip of abdomen finely pointed - Peyerimhoffina gracilis

- ... Inner gradate series with fewer cross veins than the outer series ...3a

(Thanks to Tony Davis via FaceBook for this and
Coverage Covers all UK species known at the time.
Illustrations Copious line drawings.
Identify Under a Stereo Microscope.
Specimen Prep. Killed and pinned, a few need genitalia preps.
Difficulty Fairly easy, although Scorpionfly genitalia preps have an annoying habit of lying on their sides!.

Malcolm Storey

Taxonomic Scope

MECOPTERA (scorpion flies) Identification Current
NEUROPTERA (lacewings) Identification Current
RAPHIDIOPTERA (snake flies) Identification Current
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