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Rich, T.C.G. & M.D.B. & Perring, F.H., 1988

Plant Crib

Consists of a large number of type-written accounts of various genera or small groups of species which are difficult to identify. The accounts are by a variety of specialists, some previously published elsewhere.

Intended to be used in conjunction with Wiggington & Graham's "Guide to the Identification of some of the more Difficult Vascular Plant Species" (W&G), this work extends the coverage to approiximately 200 taxonomic groups. Some accounts replace those in W&G, some are additional.

The index is a combined index to the present work and W&G.

New edition in prep. (2005)

Publisher Botanical Society of Britain and Ireland (BSBI) (BSBI)
Pages 141
ISBN 0 901158 17 8
Coverage A selection of difficult groups from around the UK.
Illustrations Many useful line drawings accompany the text.
Identify With x8 or x10 hand lens (also useful to examine under a Stereo Microscope).

Malcolm Storey

Taxonomic Scope

TRACHEOPHYTA (vascular plants) Identification Superseded
PTERIDOPHYTA (ferns and allies) Identification Superseded


later edition Rich, T.C.G. & Jermy, C., 2012
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