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Henderson, D.M., 2004

The Rust Fungi of the British Isles: A Guide to Identification by their Host Plants

The work consists of an alphabetical list of plant genera within their families (old style, eg Compositae, rather than Asteraceae. Also Conifers are under "Coniferae" and ferns are united into "Polypodiaceae s.l."). For each genus, the rust species are listed with their spore stages, distinguishing features and host species. Alternate hosts have separate entries and are cross-referenced to the other hosts.

An appendix provides updates and corrections to the 2000 Rust Checklist of the same author.

Publisher British Mycological Society (BMS)
Pages 35
ISBN 0 9527704 9 0
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Comments and Corrigenda Puccinia oxalidis, mentioned under Oxalis, is said to alternate with Berberis but not listed under this host.

Calystegia is listed as Convolvulus.

Melampsora epitea not listed under Salix caprea.

Melampsora caprearum listed under Salix caprea is listed as M. larici-caprearum under the alternate host, Larix.
Coverage All the British species then known.

Malcolm Storey

Taxonomic Scope

PUCCINIALES Clem. & Shear (rust fungi) Identification Current
TRACHEOPHYTA (vascular plants) Background Reading Current
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