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Ecological Flora of the British Isles:

Ecological database with ecological and morphological characteristics, taxonomy, distribution (VC and European), mycorrhizal associations, phytophagous insects and fungal diseases of vascular plants (monocots, dicots, and ferns and their allies) that occur in the wild in the British Isles, including aliens.

The related species data includes Lepidoptera, Coleoptera, Aphids, and microfungi from Ellis & Ellis's "Microfungi of Land Plants", with names updated from NHM lists.

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Comments and Corrigenda Achlorophyllous orchids are said have a mycorrhizal type of "Orchid", for Yellow Bird's Nest it is "Monotropoid" - both rather missing the point that these plants are wholly parasitic on fungi.

Most of the basidiomycete associations appear to be taken from the botanical (plant) literature, so there are some strange anomalies:

eg 1. Heterobasidion annosum, a major root pathogen of conifer plantations, is listed as restricted to Betula and Sorbus aucuparia!

eg 2. Mycena sanguinolenta - a plurivorous saprobic toadstool of woodland and on heathland is listed as a pathogen restricted to Salix herbacea.

Gardener's will also be relieved to see the restricted host ranges of Armillaria!

Malcolm Storey

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TRACHEOPHYTA (vascular plants) Background Reading Current
PTERIDOPHYTA (ferns and allies) Background Reading Current
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