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Brodie, J., Maggs, C.A. & John, D.M. (eds), 2007

Green Seaweeds of Britain and Ireland

A microscope-based approach to identifying our 100 species of multi-cellular green seaweeds, with lots of high quality colour photographs and photomicrographs. Even though profusely illistrated, this is emphatically not a field guide for the casual holiday phycologist or beach comber. Serious study is required with most determinations taking place under the microscope.

Publisher The British Phycological Society
Pages 242
ISBN 0 9527115 32
Comments and Corrigenda P8: Key to genera - couplet 4: include tubular in second alternative.
P81: Ulva key to species - couplet 5: U. intestinails is fig 38 not 35 (although "F" illustrates the same character).
Coverage All the British species of multicellular green algae known at the time: marine, brackish water, littoral and supralittoral.
Illustrations Colour photographs.
Identify Under a Compound Microscope.
Specimen Prep. Collect complete specimens as attachment details can be important. Culturing may be required for small species (eg rock/shell borers). Microscope examination of fresh material in water, and maybe iodine to show starch grains around pyrenoids.
Difficulty Challenging.

Malcolm Storey

Taxonomic Scope

ULVOPHYCEAE K.R. Mattox & K.D. Stewart, 1978 (a class of green algae) Identification Checklist Current Maritime species.
TREBOUXIOPHYCEAE Friedl, 1995 (a class of green algae) Identification Checklist Current Maritime species.
(Seaweeds) (differentiated, multicellular, marine algae) Identification Current
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