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Cloudsley-Thompson, J.L. & Sankey, J., 1961

Land Invertebrates, a guide to British worms, molluscs and arthropods, excluding insects

An introductory guide covering a range of non-insect arthropods, many of which are neglected in other introductory guides.

The accounts of Nemerteans, Pauropoda and Symphlyla are still useful, as are the introductions to nematodes and mites.

Publisher Methuen & Co. Ltd.
Pages 156
ISBN 9780416640205
Illustrations Line drawings.

Malcolm Storey

Taxonomic Scope

ARACHNIDA (mites, spiders, false scorpions, harvestmen etc.) Identification Superseded
Acari (mites) Identification Superseded
ARANEAE (spiders) Identification Current
OPILIONES (harvestmen) Identification Superseded
PSEUDOSCORPIONES Latreille, 1825 (pseudoscorpions) Identification Superseded
DIPLURA (diplurans, two-pronged bristle tails) Identification Superseded
PROTURA (proturans) Identification Current
CHILOPODA (centipedes) Identification Superseded
DIPLOPODA (millipedes) Identification Superseded
PAUROPODA (paurods, pauropodans and progonates) Identification Current
SYMPHYLA (pseudocentipedes and symphylans) Identification Current
NEMATOMORPHA (Gordian or horsehair worms) Identification Current
NEMATODA (roundworms, eelworms or nematodes) Identification Current
LUMBRICIDAE (earthworms) Identification Current
PULMONATA (slugs and snails) Identification Superseded
NEMERTEA (proboscis worms, ribbon worms) Identification Superseded
TRICLADIDA (flatworms, planarians) Identification Current
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