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Hugill, P. & Lucas, A., 2015

A field guide to the Resupinates of Hampshire

Half-page high quality colour photographs (mostly by the lead author) and short macroscopic descriptions (prinicipally by the second author) of the 250+ species recorded from Hampshire, plus a further 39 species where no photograph was available.

Rather than being in taxonomic or alphabetical order, the illustrated entries are grouped into Steroid, Verrucose, Odontoid/Hydnoid/Irpicoid, Athelioid/Byssoid/Fibrillose, Merulioid, Grandinioid, Poroid and Semipileate. Within each section the species are arranged by colour range: white to cream, yellow to dark brown, pink to red to purple and blue to grey to black.

The book is a handy "guessing guide" and memory jogger for field determination, both within Hampshire, and over much of Britain. The only downside is that the glossy paper needed for this quality of photography makes it quite a heavy book for its size.

Most of the photographs are greater than life-size, sufficiently large and high enough quality to facilitate comparison with the living organism. Of course unfamiliar species should still always be checked microscopically, so the companion volume covers microscopy and has keys to species.

Pages 347
Edition 2nd
Comments and Corrigenda Various updates available from the principal author.
Coverage All the Hampshire species known at the time.
Illustrations Colour photographs.

Malcolm Storey

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Microscopy Companion Hugill, P. & Lucas, A., 2015
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