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BASIDIOMYCOTA R.T. Moore (spore droppers)

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Subtaxa (ie subgroups of this Phylum)

Taxon Rank #subtaxa #refs #webs
AGARICOMYCETES Doweld (a class of fungi) Class 3277 subtaxa 3295 11834
AGARICOSTILBOMYCETES R. Bauer, Begerow, J.P. Samp., M. Weiss & Oberw. (a class of fungi) Class 9 subtaxa 4 17
ATRACTIELLOMYCETES R. Bauer, Begerow, J.P. Samp., M. Weiss & Oberw. (Atractiellomycete fungi) Class 8 subtaxa 6 64
BASIDIOMYCETES G. Winter (spore droppers) Class 3 subtaxa 47 10
CYSTOBASIDIOMYCETES R. Bauer, Begerow, J.P. Samp., M. Weiss & Oberw. (a class of fungi) Class 4 subtaxa 3 11
DACRYMYCETES Doweld (a class of jelly fungi) Class 19 subtaxa 17 76
ENTORRHIZOMYCETES Begerow, Stoll & R. Bauer (a class of fungi) Class 3 subtaxa    
ENTORRHIZALES R. Bauer & Oberw. (an order of smut fungi) Order 3 subtaxa    
ENTORRHIZACEAE R. Bauer & Oberw. (a family of smut fungi) Family 3 subtaxa    
Entorrhiza aschersoniana (Magnus) De Toni (a smut fungus) Species   1 1
Entorrhiza casparyana (Magnus) Lagerh. (a smut fungus) Species     1
Entorrhiza scirpicola (Correns) Sacc. & P. Syd. (a smut fungus) Species   1 1
EXOBASIDIOMYCETES Begerow, Stoll & R. Bauer (a class of fungi) Class 52 subtaxa 31 110
MALASSEZIALES R.T. Moore (an order of fungi) Order 1 subtaxon    
Malassezia Baill. (a genus of anamorphic ustilaginomycete yeasts) Form genus 1 subtaxon    
Malassezia pachydermatis (Weidman) C.W. Dodge (an anamorphic ustilaginomycete yeast) Anamorphic Species     2
MICROBOTRYOMYCETES R. Bauer, Begerow, J.P. Samp., M. Weiss & Oberw. (microbotrian fungi) Class 36 subtaxa 19 81
MICROSPORIDIOMYCETES (a class of basidiomycete yeasts) Class   1  
PUCCINIOMYCETES R. Bauer, Begerow, J.P. Samp., M. Weiss & Oberw. (pucciniomycete fungi) Class 323 subtaxa 162 3422
TREMELLOMYCETES Dowell (a class of fungi) Class 59 subtaxa 54 144
USTILAGINOMYCETES R. Bauer, Oberw. & Vánky (smut fungi and relatives) Class 93 subtaxa 89 346

Suggested Literature

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