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Marchand, A., 1971

Champignons du Nord et du Midi (9 volumes)

Nine volumes published between 1971 and 1986 as follows:

1. The best edibles and main poisonous species
2. The rest of the best edibles
3. Boletes and brackets
4. Remaining brackets, tooth fungi and other non-agarics
5. Russula
6. Lactarius and Pholiota
7. Cortinarius (including Dermocybe)
8. Remaining Cortinarius
9. Tricholoma and Tricholomataceae

The main part of each volume consists of descriptions on the left page each facing a usually good colour photograph on the right. The detailed descriptions include microscopy although there are no drawings of micrscopic features. The descriptions are generally longer than the allocated page and are continued after the plates. This makes using the books a bit disjointed. Similarly the common species of each genus are often to be found in the first two volumes rather than in their appropriate places in the specialist volumes.

There are no keys.

Each volume contains 100 consecutively numbered species making 900 in all.

Text in French.

Publisher Société Mycologique des Pyrénées Méditerranéenes
Pages over 2,000 in total
Coverage Covers 800 species, of which c. 650 are agarics, from France which has a very similar mycota to ours, at least in the north.
Illustrations Colour photographs.
Identify In the Hand (also useful to examine under a Compound Microscope).

Malcolm Storey

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