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Stace, C., 1997

New Flora of the British Isles (Ed 2)

A complete flora covering all naturalised introductions and frequent casuals as well as our native and archeophyte flora. Field and forestry crops and widely planted ornamental trees are also included. The apomictic genera: Rubus, Taraxacum and Hieracium are only treated as far as comparatively readily identifiable "sections".

The keys generally work well, but the species descriptions are very spare and you may find yourself referring back to CTW/CTM more often than you expect!

The first edition of this work came out in 1991, just in time to be adopted for the BSBI's Flora 200 project. This ensured a much more rapid transition from the beloved CTW/CTM which botanists had been using for a generation.

Publisher Cambridge University Press (CUP)
Pages 1130
ISBN 0-521-58935-5
Edition Second edition
Comments and Corrigenda P198-201: Limonium figs and key: Stem branching illustrations are misleading wrt key, eg L. parvum (198-1) and L. procerum (199-3) are the only ones that have "some stems unbranched in lower half" but L. parvum is illustrated with just a single branch at the halfway point. The remainder of L. binervum agg. are "+/- all stems branched from low down" (198-all but 3 and 199-4 & 5) yet L. recurvum is shown with two stems branched in only the top third and L. dodartiforme is similar. This changes the gizz of the plants and makes one wonder if the key is in error.

P633: Utricularia key, couplet 2: The ratios 1.8-2.8 and 1.2-2 are the wrong way around.

P899: Cortaderia: descriptions of lemmas of the two spp have been interchanged. (Clement, E.J., BSBI News, 2005 No 99, p48-50)
Coverage All the vascular plants growing in the wild as known at the time.
Illustrations Line drawings and scanning electon-micrographs in the text.
Identify In the Hand (also useful to examine with x8 or x10 hand lens).

Malcolm Storey

Taxonomic Scope

TRACHEOPHYTA (vascular plants) Identification Current
PTERIDOPHYTA (ferns and allies) Identification Current


Important errors Stace, C.A., 1999
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