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Skidmore, P., 1991

Insects of the British Cow-Dung Community

Despite the title, this work covers all forms of life found in and on cow (and other ungulate) dung, with short sections on plant seeds, fungi and non-insect invertebrates before the main keys to insects are presented. Also includes larvae. Particularly useful for Coleoptera and Diptera.

Publisher Field Studies Council (FSC)
Volume No 21
Pages 166
ISBN 1 85153 821 6
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Coverage Within the scope of the title, coverage seems very compete.
Illustrations Line drawings.
Identify Under a Stereo Microscope.
Specimen Prep. Adults: killed and pinned, larvae: in 70% alcohol.
Difficulty Some groups easy, the most difficult groups only taken to genus or family.

Malcolm Storey

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