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Subtaxa (ie subgroups of this Kingdom)

Taxon Rank #subtaxa #refs #webs
CERCOZOA Desportes & Ginsburger-Vogel, 1977 (a phylum of protozoans) Phylum 9 subtaxa 3 29
CILIOPHORA (a phylum of chromist protozoans) Phylum 25 subtaxa 17 15
CRYPTOPHYTA Cavalier-Smith, 1986 (cryptomonads) Phylum   1  
LABYRINTHULOMYCOTA Whittaker (slime nets) Phylum 2 subtaxa 6 4
MYZOZOA Cavalier-Smith & Chao (a phylum of protozoans) Phylum 2 subtaxa    
DINOPHYCEAE Fritsch, 1927 (dinoflagellates) Class 2 subtaxa 9 4
OCHROPHYTA Cavalier-Smith, 1995 (a phylum of chromists) Phylum 44 subtaxa 56 121
OOMYCOTA Arx (a group of mainly plant-parasitic fungi) Phylum 178 subtaxa 188 840
(Chlorophyta/Xanthophyta) (filamentous alga sp) Informal 34 subtaxa 39 88

Suggested Literature

Identification Works

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Freshwater and Terrestrial

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General Works

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Freshwater and Terrestrial

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Regional studies

Lund, J.W.G., 1961 The Algae of the Malham Tarn district


The British Phycological Society: The British Phycological Society

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Feeding and other inter-species relationships

Associated with CHROMISTA:

(live, corticolous) live, corticolous is grazed by larva (yonug) Labidostomis tridentata - a leaf beetle (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae) Cox, M.L., 2007
is grazed by Rissoidae - a family of prosobranch marine snails (Littorinimorpha) Major Graham, A., 1971
is grazed by Patella - rock limpets (Patellogastropoda: Patellidae) Graham, A., 1971
is grazed by Trochidae - topshells (Archaeogastropoda) Graham, A., 1971
may be infected and damaged by fruitbody Athelia arachnoidea - a resupinate fungus (Polyporales: Atheliaceae) UK/Ireland Legon, N.W. & Henrici, A. with Roberts, P.J., Spooner, B.M. & Watling, R., 2005 [on wood]
is associate of lichenised fruitbody Multiclavula vernalis - Moss Club (Cantharellales: Clavulinaceae) UK/Ireland Watling, R. & Friday, A., 1992
thick growth thick growth is associate of fruitbody Coprinopsis laanii - an inkcap (Agaricales: Psathyrellaceae) Legon, N.W. & Henrici, A. with Roberts, P.J., Spooner, B.M. & Watling, R., 2005


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